Minsk court convicts two opposition activists (video)


Volha Nikalaichyk (BAJ member) was sentenced to 13 days' administartive arrest, and Katsiaryna Sadouskaya was fined.

On April 29, film director Volha Nikalaichyk brought a bag to the Russian Embassy in Minsk, calling it the “beauty bag” of the notorious Night Wolves Russian motorcycle club, while Katsiaryna Sadouskaya watched the event as a human rights activist. The activists left the package at the entrance and left. But later they were caught up by policeman guarding the embassy and detained for identification.

Volha Nikalaichyk told reporters that she was accused of resisting the police and swearing. As a result, Judge Mikhail Khoma (Court of Minsk’s Centraĺny district)sentenced the activist under Art. 23.4 and 17.1 of the Administrative Code, minor hooliganism) to a total of 13 days of administrative arrest.

Katsiaryna Sadouskaya, who was also accused of swearing and resisting arrest, was fined 60 basic units. This is 10.8 million rubles. Her case was considered by Judge Aliaksandr Yakunchykhin.