Authorities Deny Entry to Belarus for Radio Racyja Journalist

Radaslau Damrouski was going to visit the Belavezhskaya Pushcha, according to visa-free regime allowing three days’ stay without a visa for seeing the national park.


As reports Radio Racyja, the journalist ordered the tour through a tourist bureau, which sends the visitors’ personal data to border control, after which groups can enter the park at the border point Perarou. The representative of the tourist bureau Aksana Bahaleisha said that all documents had been prepared without any questions. However, at the border point the officials stamped the journalist’s passport with “entry denied”. The border guard explained that the information to deny entry to the journalist was given by the automatic system, and referred him to the consulate or to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

It should be mentioned that the journalist had once been denied visa to Belarus in 2013.

In the group, there were other journalists from Polish mass media, for instance, from Gazeta Wyborcza.