Ministry of Informatization Will Block Anonymizers and Proxies

On February 19 the Operative Analytical Center introduced a ruling stating that the State inspection of the Ministry of Communications and Informatization shall block access not only to banned websites, but also to anonymizers and proxy-servers, like Tor. The ruling went into legal force on the day of publication.

The ruling establishes the procedure of restricting access:

- to websites of mass media that received two or more written warnings from the Ministry of Information within a year;

- to websites that contain information about illegal trade of drugs, or other information banned for dissemination;

- for owners who did not implement demands on eliminating violations of media legislation.

The black list will be formed by the State inspection on electrocommunications upon decisions of the Ministry of Information. Access to the websites will be allowed only for state bodies and providers of Internet services.

Now not only a state body, but any citizen will be able to submit requests to enter any website into the black list. Access will be restricted within 24 hours. Providers will have to identify those responsible for the use of proxy-servers and review the black list once a day.

In December 2014, new amendments to the Law on Mass Media were adopted, envisaging that websites will enjoy the same rights and responsibilities as traditional mass media. The only difference is that they online resources are not obliged to register as legal entities.